MGE's commitment is to supply our markets in the most sustainable way possible with healthy safe fresh produce.

MGE work with all stakeholders to improve environmental, social and economic sustainability in the following three key areas:

Supply Chain - We reduce the environmental impact of our distribution and logistic operations.

Society - We improve social standards within all aspects of our business.

Sourcing - We pursue sustainable methods of sourcing.

MGE has a dedicated Global Sustainability Team which reports directly to the Chairman. For further information please send an e-mail to

Rainforest Certification

As a Rainforest certified, our farms meet criteria of the Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Agriculture Standard. The Standard encompasses all three pillars of sustainability—social, economic, and environmental. Rainforest Alliance Certified our farms are audited regularly to verify that farmers are complying with the Standard’s comprehensive requirements, which require continual improvement on the journey to sustainable agriculture. The Standard is built on these important principles of sustainable farming:

• Biodiversity conservation

• Improved livelihoods and human well-being

• Natural resource conservation

• Effective planning and farm management systems

Fairtrade Certification

When you see a product with the Fair Trade Certified™ seal, you can be sure it was made according to rigorous social, environmental, and economic standards. We work closely on the ground with producers and suppliers to ensure that the people making work in safe conditions, protect the environment, build sustainable livelihoods, and earn additional money to empower and uplift their communities.


SMETA is one of the most widely used social audit procedures in the world. It provides a globally-recognized way to assess responsible supply chain activities, including labour rights, health & safety, the environment and business ethics

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