Fresh Pomegranate

Variety : Bhagva

Grade : I


Size/ Weight : 200 to 400 grams

Colour : Red

Certifications Available : Global GAP, Grasp, Rainforest

Transportation : Sea Freight

Availability : July to September & December to April

Variety Characteristics:

Appearance: Medium-large fruits with red colour.

Quality Standard for Pome: fruits must be:

Sound; produce affected by rotting or deterioration to make it unfit for consumption is excluded,

Thrips mark 5-7 mm on max. 20% of fruits.

No Sunburn marks on fruits.

No Black Spots.

Clean, practically free of any visible foreign matter

Practically free from pests

Practically free from damage caused by pests

Free of abnormal external moisture

Free of any foreign smell and/or taste

Free of all visible traces of moulds in addition

Berries must be intact, well formed

Satisfactory sugar/acidity ratio levels.

Primary Packing: Carton box

Secondary Packing: Fruit tray with box liner

Carton Gross Weight: 3.75 kg( 3.5kg pome+ tray+ box +liner + guard + corners)

Size / Count: 8, 9, 10, 12, 14 & 16

Protection: Fruit tray and plaster liner