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Fresh Produce Quality Executive

About this job

The employee shall be responsible for providing comprehensive quality control services, including testing, documentation, certifications, hygiene procedures, food technology, sanitation, internal auditing, specs compliances etc as per customer and standards requirements; general administrative services; facilities, property, safety, or space management; or human resources services. and also serve as principal advisors to important agency organizations and participate in developing and implementing qualitative management policies, working with management on planning organizational needs, and preparing plans, goals, objectives, or criteria for management processes.

These positions require knowledge of a wide range of qualitative and/or quantitative methods for the development and management of major quality programs, demonstrated analytical ability, and strong written and verbal communications skills.


Duties and responsibilities included but are not limited to:
The Quality Control Manager will manage the quality control function throughout the packhouse and ensure that QC teams are completing pre-start checks, quality checks label control and specified audits in order to ensure that company due diligence is being completed correctly.

Recommend optimal transportation modes, routing, equipment, or frequency.

To manage and motivate line staff to ensure optimum level of productivity and complete staff register accurately. Ensure optimum product grade outs and complete accurately all relevant production documentation during the period of the shift. Ensure packed product complies with customer specification-fruit quality, packing, size etc.

Ensure all line staff are trained and training records maintained. Ensure that waste is adequately controlled and the accumulation of waste is minimised. Order all packaging in a timely fashion to maintain workflow and in line with the production schedule and return all unused packing at the end of each shift.

Communicating quality issues effectively with member of the quality team and with production personnel. Supporting the Technical Manager/Online QC Manager with visiting customers, growers and government agencies.

Supporting the Packhouse Managers in the implementation of personal and premises hygiene procedures and report any areas of non-conformance to the Packhouse Manager and Online QC Manager.

As and whenever necessary, cover the other Line Leaders' absence.

Ensuring that all work activities comply with customer and third party standards the company is seeking to maintain, e.g. BRC, HACCP, NOP, NPOP, Global Gap etc.. As your employer, we may make reasonable changes to your job description at any time and may require you to carry out other and/or different reasonable duties.

Ensure the health and safety of myself and staff, in accordance with company policy and the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Other duties as assigned by the Manager or his direct supervisor

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