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Welcome to our Monsoon Green Earth

We Produce and Supply the Fresh fruits & vegetables, Organic and Non Organic, that make a difference in People's and Environment health around the World

MGE practices are with a blend of global reach, local knowledge, innovation & technical excellence in delivering products that enhance & sustain the world's built, natural & social environments.
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Why To Choose Us

  • Our Policy

    Our policy is to not procure any produce, which was not grown and produced under our direct supervision.
  • Business Strategies & practises that promote the long term well being of the environment, society and the bottomline.

    Our Product journey is simpler, start at Origination as we, Processing as we, Marketing as we and customer as you, there is no role of middle man in our supply chain, which will guarantee you the best quality and an affordable price.
  • Value And Food Safety Throughout

    We process and pack our produces through Processing infrastructure nearer to production centers. The facilities are certified for Sustainable Standards Organic, BRC and HACCP standards.

    More experts, Thinking more Innovatively, Producing more healthily, Managing more productively and Partnering more powerfully.
  • 100% Sustainable Foods

    Everything Sustainable!
    This is our motto and we are experts in delivering the best 100% Sustainable foods in the market. Working with more than 600 farms all over the country we are able to delivery always fresh products.
  • Best Quality Products

    MGE FARM as PROJECT is committed to performing quality work, the first time-every time, providing high-value product to Project, developing our staff, and always getting better—continually improving.
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Standards and Certification

MGE develops a variety of standards for its different industrial processes, and so is certified according to several external standards.

The birth of futures and options and the spirit of innovations
Creating new possibilities
Fresh ideas stretch all the way from the conference room to dining room

Our Product Brands



MGE - Top quality deciduous Grapes fruit.


Mr Quality

Mr Quality - the finest quality deciduous Grapes fruit.


Eat Me

Eat Me - The finest quality deciduous Mango fruit.



Lala - Guaranteed quality of Indian Vegetables.

Fruit & Vegetables

The Fruit & vegetables business covers the entire value chain in the Fruit & Vegetable Category for supermarkets, Importers:


MGE Farms core business to cultivate fresh products through Organic agriculture system. It is based on minimal use of off-farm inputs and on management..

Flowers & Plants

MGE strives for market leadership in the business of Flowers & Plants. It seeks to achieve this through strategic alliances with retailers where high service...

Technical Expertise

The added value created by our technical expertise makes MGE an important, reliable partner. This is an essential aspect for our customers, as the latter are frequently large companies that operate in highly competitive markets. We are able to help them in many different ways, including technical expertise.

* As a major producer in key production areas such as India and China, MGE has a large number of technicians and specialists with detailed knowledge and understanding of fruit and vegetable production. These are the people who have the responsibility of translating customer quality expectations into agricultural solutions.

* We also have technical expertise in all our packing stations and warehouses, working within the MGE QM guidelines.

* We also have technical expertise in all our packing stations and warehouses, working within the MGE QM guidelines.

* Training: we place great value on the training and further education of our technicians, to ensure that we are always at the forefront. We also regularly invite customers to be trained by us in order to increase the added value they offer in the market.

We deliver quality and build long-lasting relationships with our customers and leading retailers, based on mutual trust. We work with first-rate products and provide a first-class service. Our customers' needs come first and we believe in an impeccable service.

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Contact Us

  2-69A, Fathima Nagar
Bhakarapet,Chinnagottigallu Mandal,
Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh, India
  00 91 8584 243288
  00 91 8584 243288

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